Hawaii Kai Democrats

Hawaii Kai Democrats

Aloha Hawaii Kai Democrats,

Welcome new Democrats and Democrats who recently moved to our district. To our long loyal Democrats, thank you for your years of hard work; we look to you for your guidance and experience to help us succeed in our various endeavors.

Our mission continues to be to energize the voters of our district, recruit new Democratic voters and provide opportunities for all Democrats to participate in every election and the intervening governing process.

On the local level we want to encourage and elect effective Democratic candidates who reflect the core values of our party, and voice our many concerns in state government. We hope to support and elect local Democratic leaders who will work to solve local problems of unmanaged growth and development, sustainabilty, deteriorating schools and state infrastructure, underperforming public education and social services, reducing dependence on imported fuel, and the many other challenges facing Hawaii and its citizens.

We hope to unite all Democrats in the coming days to work together to support our candidates, and after the elections, to support and promote legislation that furthers the Democratic goals of our community, state and country.

Mahalo for your participation and support!

Amy Monk
District 17 Chairperson

If you have questions about the Hawaii Kai Democrats or would like to volunteer, please contact Amy Monk @ amymonk99@hotmail.com.